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Porto Aviation Group is an innovative start-up, born in the summer 2016 with the aim of designing, developing and producing airplanes of excellence; the headquarters were located in Pavullo nel Frignano, Modena, an ideal place to combine, to a beautiful airport, a territory already interwoven with high technology and innovation.

The primary objective is to industrialize the production of Risen and then continue the development of even higher airplanes; there is already an agreement with Pavullo airport to create a production site directly at the airport.

Risen project
The preliminary Risen project was first born in Alberto Porto’s mind in the spring of 1995; however the times and market were not ready for this advanced aircraft. The project was consequently put on hold while the fluid dynamics firm Porto Ricerca increased its expertise in fluid dynamics consulting and high level engineering. The company grew very quickly as a result of successful partnerships with car manufacturers and top level Formula 1 teams such as Minardi and Ferrari; Porto Ricerca also worked on successful projects in the boat racing world, the America’s Cup, Swedish Victory Challenge Team, Volvo Ocean Race Team New Zealand and Amer Sport One with top yacht designer German Frers. Porto Ricerca also has been very active working with the aircraft industry. The company is a distributor and learning center for some of the most advanced fluid dynamics softwares available. This brought Porto Ricerca’s team into partnerships with Agusta, Aerea, Aermacchi, Alenia, Meteor, Pilatus Aircraft, VulcanAir, OMA-Sud, Piaggio Aero Industry and Selex Galileo Avionica.

The experience acquired during the years of consulting for these major aerospace and aircraft companies resulted in the expertise that led to the exceptional Risen design. These years also helped to refine and improve the safety, efficiency and beauty of the Risen that you can buy today.

We knew this project had to take many years to be achieved. The economic crisis was in progress and instead of selling consultancy and know-how in a depressed market, we decided to invest on the project enough resources for one year of full engineering, FEA analysis, fluid dynamics simulations and to build the first flying Prototype.

At the beginning of 2010 Alberto Porto and his partners started construction of the first Risen prototype. In the sunny morning of March 12, 2012, the Risen aircraft made its maiden flight. The first word the test pilot said after landing was "Unbelievable!".

In April 2013, after 100 hours of flight tests, the project was ready to be disclosed to a group of investors. Their participation resulted in the formation of the SEA company. While the prototype flight tests continued, the building of the first production aircraft and production tools commenced. This production aircraft was unveiled on April 15th 2015 at Aero, in Friedrichshafen (Germany), the global show for general aviation.

On December 16th 2015 Risen set a new world speed record for this catagory of aircraft reaching over 323 Km/h with the standard Rotax ULS 100hp engine. The record was set by the Risen designer Alberto Porto.

Records & Awards

On the 16th December 2015 the Risen set a new world speed record for this category of aircraft reaching 323.84 Km/h with the standard Rotax ULS 100hp engine.
2016 this record was certified by the World Air Sports Federation (FAI), so the Risen is now the official record holder of the absolute speed record of the class R (Microlights and paramotors) and the one for speed over a straight course (sub-class RAL2T). This top speed was reached with two persons and a standard Rotax 912 with 100 hp.

For the record pilot and chief designer Alberto Porto was awarded with an Oscar of the VFR Magazine and the De la Vaulx Medal. The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) established this award in 1933 in memory of the Comte de La Vaulx, the founder and president of the FAI. The medal is just given to holders of confirmed and absolute world aviation records.
Ing. Porto receiving the diploma Ing. Porto receiving the diploma

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The operations site in located in Pavullo nel Frignano (Modena) which is in the northern part of Italy. Before World War II Pavullo had been a home to the Swiss aircraft engineer Ludwig Fréderic Teichfuss, who was also coming from Lucern originally.

If you prefer coming with your own aircraft, you can land directly at the airport of Pavullo (LIDP). It has a concrete runway of 1190 metres length. There are guest rooms at the airport and also hotels available in the town of Pavullo. For more information about the airport follow this link: .

The next international airport is the airport of Bologna (BLQ). There are several direct connections going to Bologna from European countries. Bologna is an old university city and has a very beautiful historic centre.

We can help you to organize a rental car or pick you up. Please make an appointment in advance to make sure someone of our team will have time for showing you around .


Emilia-Romagna is not only famous for the locally produced gourmet food, like Parmesan cheese, ham, wine and Balsamico vinegar, but also for its fast and luxurious cars. Not far from our operations site you will find the Motor Valley where brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati have their production facilities and museums.

The area offers also many other attractions, like museums of arts, a stunning nature, wonderful beaches and historical buildings. So you can always combine some holidays with a test flight.

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