Quarter Around
the World Challenge

The fastest ultralight in the world. 5 countries, 3 continents, 11,205 kilometer.

Imagine flying over the turquoise water of the Mediterranean, volcanos on the Atlantic islands, the forests of Brazil and passing by at the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain of Rio!

Middle of October our world record holder RISEN R02 flew from italy to Uruguay with the longest leg being over 1,600NM! There it will represent SEA in South America. During this trip visited over 3 continents and 5 countries, flying over turquoise water, volcanos and passing the city of Rio de Janeiro. The tour was followed by magazines, private pilots and aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

A standard ultralight aircraft with a range of about 1,100 km (595 NM) can only take the North Atlantic Route via Greenland, Canada and US to finally arrive in South America. For going from Italy to Uruguay it would require about 16 stops alone for refueling, travelling all the way around. Thanks to its outstanding aerodynamics RISEN has a very low fuel consumption, which enables it to cross the Atlantic on the southern route – directly from Africa to Brazil!

For the trip we have chosen a route similar to the one of the famous Italian aviator and politician Italo Balbo (1896-1940), who had done formation flights with the Italian Airforce in the 30s. He went from Orbetello (Rome), via West Afrika to Natal and finally Rio de Janeiro. Also our RISEN flew to Natal and Rio, having two stops on the way: One on Gran Canaria, the other one in Cabo Verde.

Landing on Gran Canaria

Aerial view of Atollo das Rocas

Welcome in Rio de Janeiro

The North route, which a normal ultralight must travel
A normal ultralight, with an autonomy of 1100 km (600 NM) must necessarily cross the Atlantic along the North Route, making about 16 stops for refueling (excluding stops for customs needs)
The route that Risen has traveled
The South Route: 5 routes and only 4 stops for refueling, with 2 additional stops for customs needs.
The pilot at the controls
    Alberto Porto
  • Born 1966 in Rojas, Argentina
  • CEO of AEROTEC & designer of RISEN
  • Aeronautical Engineer Degree
  • Several additional trainings (composite materials, fluid dynamics in USA, Argentina & Italia.
  • Over 500 hrs experience on RISEN
The route
  • Stage 1:
    From Italy to Gran Canaria
    2973 km / 1605 NM for a total of 11.5 hours flight.
  • Stage 2:
    From Gran Canaria to Capo Verde
    1652 km / 892 NM, 6.4 hours flight.
  • Stage 3:
    From Capo Verde to Natal, Brasile: the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.
    2645 km / 1428 NM, 10.2 hours flight, at an average of 260 km / h.
  • Stage 4:
    From Natal to Rio de Janeiro
    2086 km / 1126 NM, 8 hours flight.
  • Stage 5:
    From Brazil to Uruguay
    1849 km / 998 NM, 7.1 hours flight.
  • Definitely:
    Over 11200 km, equal to over a quarter of the Equator's length.
    Routes at an average speed of about 250 km/h.
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